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EVIL lasers commits itself to high quality, even if the final price lets assume that this is not the case. There are several reasons why we do so.

First, we are convinced that our customers expect a high quality product when investing in a socalled "professional laser system". This may not apply to many competitors. "Professional" is a widely used word in advertisement, as we all know. Therefore, we try to convince people on what they can expect when ordering a "professional laser system".
Secondly, according to local laws, we have to give warranty on our products. Of course we do not want any returns. In order to prevent returns, we only use high quality components. And with components, we are not just talking about high quality laser sources, scanning sets and optics - No, it also means that we only use cables, connectors, screws (etc.) manufactured in Europe which have proven themselves in quality and durability. Take our screws as example. Our KORE's housing is black anodized. Black screws would definitely fit the best. But as it is commonly known, black screws are made of burnished steel and this may cause rust after a while. We, on the other hand, only use stainless steel screws. The design suffers of minor unwanted changes but, to be honest, durability is much more important to us.
Are you not convinced yet? Let us give you some further reasons to invest in a KORE laser.

As experienced laser users, we know that laboratory mirror mounts are easy to adjust. But we also know that they are really big and, therefore, space-consuming. Furthermore, they tend to misplace themselves quickly, which leads to misplaced beam alignments and the famous RGB-dot at the end of the laser beam. We have developed our own optics mounts. They are made of brass, a very temperature-independent material. This means that the beam alignment stays aligned for a longer time. Additionally, they are also much  smaller than laboratory optics mounts and, as we all know, everybody wants their laser smaller and even smaller.

When you have a high powered laser there often is the annoying side effect of scattered light. Especially when displaying laser graphics on surfaces, you might think that you have just a better flash-light than a laser. And yet it is that simple to prevent scattered light - we use lens shades.
Lasers are no toys. Saying that, we know that our lasers will be used in rough environment. Therefore, the housing should be Rock'n'Roll proof. Let us introduce to you our very own "EVIL Rock-Proof" housing. Due to very experienced partners in anodizing, we ensure highest surface durability. Moreover, our housing design ensures best stability. You can even jump on our KORE's housing, it will not collapse.

Linearity of laser sources is the Alpha and Omega when displaying laser graphics that should look the way you have seen them in your software's preview. We use diodes only, which are commonly known for being very linear compared to DPSS lasers. Together with our high precision diode drivers you will experience one of a kind laser projections.
Safety is a major issue when using lasers. Especially local authorities check laser devices very precisely on their local law compliance. All KOREs are EN 60825-1 and ├ľNORM S 1105 compliant. Furthermore all KORE are FDA CDRH ready (there are only a few steps left for a legal use in the U.S.).

That means every laser projector comes with:
- Scan-fail safety (incl. safety-zone adjustment via USB)
- Mechanical beam shutter
- Hold-to-run housing safety
- Interlock system (daisy-chain and parallel enabled)
- Laser emission indicator LED
- Multiple fixed hanging bracket (no safety-eye required, just wrap safety cable around bracket and truss!)
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