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The only show laser projector that grows with your requirements due to the full modular design.
Upgrade your KORE laser system at any time!
We also have the better specs, color balance and price!
KORE lasers are EVIL lasers' range of low- to mid-powered laser  projectors – planned by professionals, designed by experienced users.
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All KOREs are manufactured in Austria, they are no OEM imported products. KORE may be used in clubs, at concerts, festivals, trade-fairs, etc. Due to the fast scanning system, graphic projections are no problem - Take advantage of the full linear analog modulation due to the pure diode laser sources. The KORE complies to all safety regulations (EN 60825-1, ÖNORM S 1105, FDA CDRH ready) and is compatible to Pangolin's Safety Lens system for even more safety. Furthermore it is possible to use Pangolin's all new Discoscan 2.0 lens.
KOREs are available in five different-powered versions. The main features stay the same with every version.
Every KORE can be upgraded up to a KORE 15 (HD) at later time.

KOREs are available in the following powered versions:
All KOREs have in common:
laser sources PURE DIODE
- Osram, Nichia and Oclaro diodes only
- ColorDRIVE diode drivers by LIVE Lasersystems
- 200kHz full analog modulation
- All sources are optical beam-corrected
- TEC regulated (heating & cooling)
scanning system >42kpps at 8° ILDA (DT-50)
- Optional: EMS-8000 60kpps at 8° ILDA
divergence <0.55mrad (half angle)
<1.1mrad (full angle)
beam diameter <3mm (FWHM)
<5mm (1/e²)
safety features - EN 60825-1 and ÖNORM S 1105 compliant
- FDA CDRH ready
- KORE AIS (advanced interlock system)
- Scan-fail safety on all versions
(adjustable via USB only on non FB4 version)
- Mechanical beam shutter
- housing safety switch
- Multiple fixed hanging bracket
- Safety eye
control - ILDA (daisy-chain enabled)
- Optional: Pangolin FB4 MAX (DMX&ILDA) integration (with Neutrik Ethercon)
setting options
(on board)
- R, G and B intensity
- X/Y output size
- X/Y inverting
specials - Air sealed optical section
- Active heating capability
- Overheating and undercooling protection
- Pangolin Discoscan 2.0/Safety Lens ready
- Neutrik connectors (D-type)
- Super silent operation (fan controller)
- Custom designed robust housing, yet very lightweight
operation temperature -30°C - 50°C (ambient)
power requirements 100-250V AC max. 800W
(without hanging-bracket)

250mm x 198mm x 320mm (W x H x L)
weight max. 12kg
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